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Natural Pet Advance Joint Care Formula Tablet (60 Tab)
IDR 390,000
Ex Tax: IDR 390,000
Natural Pet Optimal Join Suport
IDR 250,000
Ex Tax: IDR 250,000
Natural Pet Skin & Coat (30 sachet)
  ther Ingredients: Vegetable Flavour, Dextrose, Isomalt, Inulin, Silicon Diox..
IDR 250,000
Ex Tax: IDR 250,000
Natural Pet Skin &Coat (60Tab)
IDR 260,000
Ex Tax: IDR 260,000
Ultracal (100 Tab)
Calcium plus Phosphorus Vitamin A and Vitamin D Suplemen ini diformulasikan secara k..
IDR 100,000
Ex Tax: IDR 100,000

NATURAL PET® is manufactured in a licensed Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) factory. This factory has also attained current Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) GMP standard. The company has been trading and manufacturing pharmaceutical, health supplement and herbal preparation for the last 45 years.

We decided to venture into animal health supplement 13 years ago and we have never looked back since. We are proud of the success of NATURAL PET® and the brand has expanded into many countries. The demand for our product has been encouraging and also exceeded our expectations because of the quality and effectiveness.

NATURAL PET® products are safe, effective and trusted by many pet owners and have been highly recommended by many leading veterinarians, pet care providers and breeders.