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Pin Brush - Vellus
IDR 190,000
Ex Tax: IDR 190,000
Pin Brush - Vellus LRG
IDR 380,000
Ex Tax: IDR 380,000
Pin Brush - Vellus Oblong
Vellus Oblong Pin Brush - is a short pin brush with walnut handle and is nice for all breeds, esp..
IDR 175,000
Ex Tax: IDR 175,000
Pin Brush - Vellus PIBO
IDR 290,000
Ex Tax: IDR 290,000
Pin Brush - Vellus SMALL
IDR 290,000
Ex Tax: IDR 290,000
Pin Brush - Vellus XXS
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IDR 260,000
Ex Tax: IDR 260,000
Pin Brush All System Pink
IDR 350,000
Ex Tax: IDR 350,000
IDR 55,000
Ex Tax: IDR 55,000
IDR 60,000
Ex Tax: IDR 60,000
Pin Brush Metal Besar KDC - 31
IDR 70,000
Ex Tax: IDR 70,000
Pin Brush Metal Comb With Dense Sparse Needles
IDR 155,000
Ex Tax: IDR 155,000
Pin Brush Metal Kecil KDC - 28
IDR 68,000
Ex Tax: IDR 68,000
Pin Brush-Vellus Medium Short
The same quality workmanship as our original Medium Pin Brush except with longer pins. This brush..
IDR 235,000
Ex Tax: IDR 235,000
Pin Brush-Vellus Mini Pocket
Vellus Mini Pocket Pin Brush - A great brush to take in the ring for the coated dog. Fits nicely ..
IDR 180,000
Ex Tax: IDR 180,000

Wire-pin brushes with rounded heads are the preferred choice for pets with medium to long hair and those with silky, curly, or woolly coats. Flexible pin brushes are also perfect for pets with thin coats and/or sensitive skin.